Unexpected Hiccups Abroad? How AIG Travel Insurance Can Help

Get Extensive Protection With AIG

As we go through our everyday lives, we may face a wide range of threats that may cost our lives. One way to be best prepared is to invest in a good insurance plan. A good insurance strategy provides extensive coverage for different kinds of misfortune that may occur to us. With AIG, you will get yourself included in a range of techniques. Discover AIG’s travel insurance in UK and more countries.

AIG Malaysia’s Insurance Strategy Products

Are you currently in search of comprehensive defence strategies? Get covered by insurance in many ways with AIG Malaysia. Get all you need in a single-quit right here. You can get insurance programs that protect your most important things, whether it’s your home, your transport, your moves, or yourself, against any unknown incidents.

AIG Travel Insurance

Traveling Insurance From AIG

Whether you’re having a getaway in the region or overseas, all is well with the satisfaction you’re guarded. AIG Travel Insurance has vast insurance coverage that includes medical safety, approximately RM1 million, for your trips. In addition, it provides a COVID-19 protection plan that has approximately RM700,000 in protection to compensate you in light of the pandemic. Discover AIG’s travel insurance in UK and more countries.

Secure Your Own Home With AIG Property Insurance

Our property is our essential safety home, but it also confronts the chance of crack-ins, burglary, display floods and fires that may injury our items and leave us no destination to relax. Give your property the policy it requires with AIG Malaysia’s house insurance, which offers monetary defence for destroyed private possessions and provides lodging bills if you stay in other areas if incidents occur.

Vehicle Insurance

There’s always a chance whenever you’re travelling in your car or truck, whether commuting to work or taking a brief drive. AIG Car Insurance offers coverage for virtually any harm to your vehicles, whether from incident, fire, or theft. This plan also offers one-day, seven-day street support any time you face motor vehicle breakdowns or any motor vehicle crisis situations anywhere.

AIG’s Personal Incident Insurance plan

Whether it’s healthcare bills, charges, or more, AIG Personal Accident Insurance supplies a detailed security program that will grow together with you. Get security programs that cater to you as men and women and your family while you increase. This insurance is tailored for your benefit, as you can sign up online or personally with one of AIG’s helpful agencies.

Why You Require An Excellent Security Plan

Acquiring an insurance plan is not just about delivering insurance coverage for yourself. Additionally, it reassures all your family members to assist you through challenging periods within the encounter for unlucky events. We want the ideal for our family, friends, and ourselves; achieving extensive protection is a terrific way to accomplish this. Various insurance coverage programs are available under a single roof at AIG Malaysia. If you need clarification on which protection strategy best suits you, check out AIG Malaysia. Whether you’re looking for safety in your long journeys, transportation, home, or yourself, you can get any customised protection. Register now and visit aig.com.my for more information.