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The Vibes is Malaysia’s coolest and speediest expanding online media portal, which characteristics splitting reports along with the most up-to-date testimonies going on throughout the world and home every day #FromEverySide. The team aims to offer diverse and unfettered information and facts, work life balance, empowering its viewers to make well-informed selections for improved land. We picture becoming the No.1 media portal in Malaysia!

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Meet up with Malaysia’s political advancement, monetary progression and sociable issues #FromEverySide on the ‘Malaysia’ portion. We a platform for Malaysia’s individuals through providing effectively well-balanced revealing, informative landscapes and accessible information for those. The Vibes aims to help keep Malaysians educated as an important component for nation-developing.

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Stay in the know with domestic and worldwide business reports with the Vibes’ ‘Business’ section. Learn more about small business affairs and better grasp global enterprise affairs such as foreign investment, international collateral market segments, and overseas trade. Read content articles on the newest monetary and economic information, which helps you are making greater monetary judgements.

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The Vibes’ ‘World’ portion allows you to maintain the know with much overseas news about unfamiliar affairs, overseas associations and political problems. Be described as a worldwide citizen and gain information on technological growth and nationwide stability when learning how global dynamics affect residential issues.

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The ‘Opinion‘ segment characteristics content from the open public, feel-container organisations, and skilled professionals narrate their individual opinions of various concerns. Discover nuanced thoughts #FromEverySide for crucial and refreshing points of view on politics, research and culture. We aim to provide unfettered sights that ignite conversation and new concepts for a far healthier democracy.

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The ‘Sports & Fitness’ section allows you to acquire the most up-to-date reports on local and global sporting events, together with fitness and wellbeing techniques for an improved you. Be up-to-date using the most recent news of neighbourhood baseball and badminton tournaments or overseas sports activities like the Olympics. Deal with your actual well being with the fitness tips on home routines, yoga and fitness, nervousness manage and many more.

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The ‘Culture & Lifestyle’ segment capabilities reports on arts, motion pictures and traditions in Malaysia and worldwide. Be motivated with accounts about traditional design, visible artistry, movies and literature to kindle your ingenuity. Find the newest social websites tendencies or a movie watchlist to load your Saturdays and Sundays with exciting and fun pursuits.

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Get breaking up reports and tales with unfettered views on The Vibes #FromEverySide. Our team upholds the value of journalistic integrity, transforming speak into measures, work life balance, endorsing equality and variety searching for the truth. Please help us in delivering trustworthy and fair details to encourage Malaysians in operating optimally towards country-developing.