Personal Insurance Plans With AIG Malaysia

Insurance coverages allow you to leave a heritage behind while guarding your household and children. Regarding any miserable catastrophes or cuts, you’ll be able to relax knowing that both you and your family members are safe. AIG Malaysia is a good place to start- it’s among the finest vehicle insurance carriers in Malaysia, and it has detailed policies for everyone.

AIG Malaysia provides four key coverage. Home insurance protects the contents and system of your property against dangers, vehicle insurance protects your cars, travel insurance guards you against accidents while travelling, and individual accident insurance saves you from cuts incurred in the event of an accident. AIG’s Holiday Insurance plans are split into three main sections: insurance for both local and foreign lands travel, and insurance protection for college students travelling abroad. All policies come with medical and private accident cover, which means you don’t really need to worry about incurring unexpected costs while in foreign lands.

AIG Malaysia

Feeling safe and protected in your house is very important to everyone, but sometimes unpredicted events appear. A lot of the great things about being protected by AIG’s Home Insurance policies include replacing the previous items with new items in events like rental destruction or robbery.

AIG’s Auto Insurance policies ensure that you and your car are safe against accidents, theft or fire. We’ve got several flexible plans for our prospects, and our states are to form, with fast reaction times. Moreover, AIG also can cover your liabilities towards other parties if required.

Make certain you and your loved ones are well looked after with AIG’s Personal Accident Insurance plans. Personal Accident Insurance can provide a comprehensive plan by having a lump sum payout if there are any unforeseen accidents, hospitalisation, and medical benefits. Vehicle insurance is greater than a shield- it’s also an investment in your family and your future. Here at AIG Malaysia, we help you protect that future through our detailed and versatile policies suitable for many lifestyles.