Financial With RHB Malaysia

Who are RHB MY?

Although RHB Banking Group MY was established in 1999, our bank has been providing the Malaysian citizenry for approximately One hundred years! RHB’s main products are its banking, company banking, SME loan Malaysia, and Islamic banking services. Besides that, we also provide insurance policies, property investment, and asset management expertise. We’ve got won various awards for our work, including the Asset Triple A Regional Awards, and a lot more.

Financial records and Deposits at RHB

Our services are extensively available, and we have a wide array of accounts and deposit choices solutions at your disposal. You can also make an application for loans to help finance your ideal lifestyle- our adaptive rates and payment plans are compatible with everyone. RHB’s extensive insurance coverage will help you preserve yourself and your spouse and children. Furthermore, we have now numerous credit card methods of you to choose from.

Protecting Your Personal Riches at RHB

If you would like to start investments but don’t know where do you start, our experts at RHB are here to assist. Distance is not a boundary either for our aggressive remittance rates and services- you may send money around the globe! Additionally, we’ve safe deposit boxes accessible in specific bases across the nation, where one can store your valuables safely.

RHB Bank

RHB Loans for Organizations

Insurance plans are essential for any business, especially from any events that might change your online business or in case personnel are harmed. Make specific you as well as your business are safe by RHB insurance. Opening a business bank account with RHB can be straightforward, in support of takes one day. RHB may also give you support with financial loans on your business.

RHB Enterprise Banking Alternatives

Investing is an essential part of any organization’s expansion. Right here at RHB, we now have experts who will help inform you on investment conclusions precisely what your choices are. Our Business Solutions centre can supply both aids in opening accounts in addition to practical business help. RHB also provides trade financing alternatives for your business, both import and export market sectors.

Islamic Financial Solutions at RHB

There are various advantages to having an Islamic banking account compared to a typical statement. One example is, in financing- the purchaser wouldn’t need to pay much more than the agreed maximum amount. In case you have a fixed deposit account, there are also up-front profits on your account holder. Islamic Banking is open for all, irrespective of religious beliefs.

RHB Now Banking Online and Mobile App

With RHB Now Banking, you will see your accounts from the phone itself. It is also possible to send money or make transactions straightforwardly. No longer long queues at the bank, now you can access your account from anywhere on the earth! Just download it from your phone’s app store and have created with many of the quick guides on the website.

Why Should You Decide on RHB?

You can trust RHB to have your best interests at heart. Regardless of what kind of lifestyle you have, our services are simple and for everyone to use! With the number of selections, there is positively something for you. Our customer service department is here to help you with any questions or issues. Click through to our website to learn more about SME loan Malaysia at